Expert Public Speaking

Dr. Berman uses his unique approach and view of the marketplace to bring alive and to ensure the development and delivery of speeches and presentations to excite audiences at various types of healthcare organizations. Dr. Berman in addition to being a healthcare administration and delivery expert also brings his unique view of the marketplace as a former receiptant of care as a member of the disenfranchised perspective. Dr. Berman in his younger life was a receiptant of care from free to public clinics. Also Dr. Berman brings his experience from being a healthcare entrepreneur and owning and executing several small healthcare providers.

In addition Dr. Berman is an accomplished researcher and academic in Nursing Leadership and Healthcare Administration.

Topics that. Dr Berman Delivers Expert Speeches include

  • 1. Population Health
  • 2. Dissaster Planning
  • 3. Behavorial Health Development
  • 4. Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  • 5. Healthcare Ecosystem Development
  • 6. Healthcare Innovation
  • 7. Healthcare Investing
  • 8. Healthcare Capital Formation
  • 9. Healthcare Policy and Legislative Efforts
  • 10. HealthCare Related Events
Dr. Berman can customize the discussion for healthcare meetings

Dr. Berman has delivered speeches and presentations in the following venues:

  • 1. American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
  • 2. American Association of University Professors in Healthcare
  • 3. American College of Addiction Treatment Administrators
  • 4. American Correctional Health Association
  • 5. Florida Association for Healthcare Quality
  • 6. National Association for Healthcare Quality
  • 7. National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • 8. National Association of Integrated Delivery Systems
  • 9. National Association of Managed Care Nurse
  • 10. National Association of Nurses in Business
  • 11. National Commission on Correctional Healthcare
  • 12. National Nurses Association
  • 13. Southeastern Association of Occupational Association
  • 14. Texas Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • 15. US Surgeon General Annual Conference on Disaster
  • 16. Prime Healthcare
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