Healthcare Strategy and Dr. Berman’s Unique Approach

Healthcare Strategic Services are designed to help the healthcare entity with positioning themselves in a complex and changing marketplace. Dr. Berman specializes in assisting the small to medium size healthcare companies with integrating their services in the larger urban, surburban, and rural markets in the delivery of healthcare. Dr. Berman in his thought process has developed the Dynamic Balance which is a methodology which helps the healthcare entity balance the fiscal needs ,and the clinical needs with the forces of regulatory, economic, and consumer forces that impact the organization’s decisions. The Dynamic Balance takes into consideration the following needs of the organization or entity:

a) Be Nimble- The organization’s need to be systems orientated and be willing to develop new business approaches

b) Creating Positive Consumer Experiences- Helping the organization to develop positive wellness and health experiences over the patient’s life span

c) Creating Business experiences and models that integrate the organization into the Ecosystem of healthcare in their communities

d) Creating New Business Models that erase old boundaries of business approaches-Assisting the organization with viewing the delivery of healthcare as a system of offerings from a variety of custom build approaches to delivery of services

e) Generating Data Driven Insights- Assisting the organization with the incorporation of data that yields Evidence Based Leadership Decisions based upon various sources of data

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